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Hidden Open Thread 256.6

Sorry, I Still Think I Am Right About The Media Very Rarely Lying

Links For December 2022

Selection Bias Is A Fact Of Life, Not An Excuse For Rejecting Internet Surveys

Open Thread 256

Fact Check: Do All Healthy People Have Mystical Experiences?

Hidden Open Thread 255.5

The Media Very Rarely Lies

The Buying Things From A Store FAQ

Prediction Market FAQ

Open Thread 255

2023 Prediction Contest

A Crypto Exchange

Perhaps It Is A Bad Thing That The World's Leading AI Companies Cannot Control Their AIs

Open Thread 254

Highlights From The Comments On Bobos In Paradise

Hidden Open Thread 253.5

Why I'm Less Than Infinitely Hostile To Cryptocurrency

Know Your GABA-A Receptor Subunits

What Your Doctor Spends 80% Of Their Time Doing

Peer Review: Prediction Market FAQ

Open Thread 253

Which Is Bigger, 256,000 Or A Deer?

Book Review: First Sixth Of Bobos In Paradise

Highlights From The Comments On Semaglutide

Can This AI Save Teenage Spy Alex Rider From A Terrible Fate?

Open Thread 252

If The Media Reported On Other Things Like It Does Effective Altruism


"Is Wine Fake?" In Asterisk Magazine

Mantic Monday: Twitter Chaos Edition

Open Thread 251

Hidden Open Thread 150.5

The Psychopharmacology Of The FTX Crash

Open Thread 250

Too Spicy For Twitter

Contra Resident Contrarian On Unfalsifiable Internal States

Can People Be Honestly Wrong About Their Own Experiences?

Open Thread 249.5: Challenge Mode

Highlights From The Comments On Brain Waves

Open Thread 249

Highlights From The Comments On My California Ballot

ACX Grants: Project Updates

My California Ballot 2022

Moderation Is Different From Censorship

Open Thread 248.5

Highlights From The Comments On Jhanas

Open Thread 248

Elon Musk Has Purchased Twitter

Book Review: Malleus Maleficarum

Nick Cammarata On Jhana

Open Thread 247.5

Highlights From The Comments On Supplement Labeling

From The Mailbag

Open Thread 247

Book Review: Rhythms Of The Brain

Open Thread 246.5

Another Bay Area House Party

Mantic Monday 10/17/22

Open Thread 246

Hidden Open Thread 245.5

Highlights From The Comments On The Central Valley

Links For October

Highlights From The Comments On Columbus Day

Open Thread 245

A Columbian Exchange

Hidden Open Thread 244.5

LA and San Diego Meetups This Weekend

How Trustworthy Are Supplements?

CHAI, Assistance Games, And Fully-Updated Deference

Open Thread 244

Highlights From The Comments On Unpredictable Reward

Universe-Hopping Through Substack

From Nostradamus To Fukuyama

Open Thread 243

Hidden Open Thread 242.5

Ask Me Anything

Highlights From The Comments On Billionaire Replaceability

Why Is The Central Valley So Bad?

Janus' GPT Wrangling

Open Thread 242

Bay Area Meetups This Weekend

Hidden Open Thread 241.5

Travelogue: Northern California

Unpredictable Reward, Predictable Happiness

I Won My Three Year AI Progress Bet In Three Months

Open Thread 241

Classifieds Thread 9/22

Links For September 2022

Open Thread 240

Book Review Contest 2022 Winners

The Prophet And Caesar's Wife

Open Thread 239.5

Billionaires, Surplus, And Replaceability

Open Thread 239

Your Book Review: Kora In Hell

Hidden Open Thread 238.5

Meetups Everywhere 2022: Times & Places

Highlights From The Comments On The Repugnant Conclusion And WWOTF

Effective Altruism As A Tower Of Assumptions

Book Review: What We Owe The Future

Open Thread 238

Your Book Review: 1587, A Year Of No Significance

Open Thread 237.5

Highlights From The Comments On Subcultures

Skills Plateau Because Of Decay And Interference

Meetups Everywhere 2022 - Call For Organizers

Mantic Monday 8/15/22

Open Thread 237

Your Book Review: God Emperor Of Dune

Will Nonbelievers Really Believe Anything?

Hidden Open Thread 236.5

A Cyclic Theory Of Subcultures

Why Not Slow AI Progress?

Open Thread 236

Your Book Review: Exhaustion

Hidden Open Thread 235.5

Absurdity Bias, Neom Edition

Slightly Against Underpopulation Worries

Model City Monday 8/1/22

Open Thread 235

Your Book Review: Viral

Hidden Open Thread 234.5

Links For July

Highlights From The Comments On Criticism Of Criticism Of Criticism

Forer Statements As Updates And Affirmations

ELK And The Problem Of Truthful AI

Open Thread 234

Your Book Review: The Society Of The Spectacle

Hidden Open Thread 233.5

Perpendicular Lives II

Criticism Of Criticism Of Criticism

Open Thread 233

Your Book Review: The Righteous Mind

Hidden Open Thread 232.5

Impact Markets: The Annoying Details

Book Review: The Man From The Future

Mantic Monday 7/11/22

Open Thread 232

Your Book Review: The Outlier

Hidden Open Thread 231.5

Highlights From The Comments On The 2020 Homicide Spike

Nobody Knows How Well Homework Works

Study: Ritalin Works, But School Isn't Worth Paying Attention To

Open Thread 231

Hidden Open Thread 230.5

Your Book Review: The Internationalists

Links For June

Highlights From The Comments On San Fransicko

What Caused The 2020 Homicide Spike?

Model City Monday 6/27/22

Open Thread 230

Your Book Review: Public Choice Theory And The Illusion Of Grand Strategy

Open Thread 229.5

Book Review: San Fransicko

Open Thread 229

Your Book Review: The Future Of Fusion Energy

Peer Review: Nightmares

Hidden Open Thread 228.5

Mantic Monday 6/13/22

Open Thread 228

Hidden Open Thread 227.5

Your Book Review: The Dawn Of Everything

Somewhat Contra Marcus On AI Scaling

Against "There Are Two X-Wing Parties"

Which Party Has Gotten More Extreme Faster?

My Bet: AI Size Solves Flubs

It's Bad On Purpose To Make You Click

Open Thread 227

Your Book Review: The Castrato

Hidden Open Thread 226.5

Classifieds Thread 6/2022

Birth Order Effects: Nature vs. Nurture

A Guide To Asking Robots To Design Stained Glass Windows

Open Thread 226

Your Book Review: The Anti-Politics Machine

[Peer Review] Which Party Has Gotten More Extreme Faster?

Hidden Open Thread 225.5

In Partial, Grudging Defense Of The Hearing Voices Movement

California Gubernatorial Candidates From Z to Z

Willpower, Human and Machine

Open Thread 225

Your Book Review: Making Nature

Hidden Open Thread 224.5

Lavender's Game: Silexan For Anxiety

Link: Troof On Nootropics

Contra Dynomight On Sexy In-Laws

Open Thread 224

Your Book Review: Consciousness And The Brain

Hidden Open Thread 223.5

Book Review: The Gervais Principle

Mantic Monday 5/9/22

Open Thread 223

Berkeley Meetup This Saturday

Why Do People Prefer My Old Blog's Layout To Substack's?

Every Bay Area House Party

Open Thread 222

Highlights From The Comments On Xi Jinping

Hidden Open Thread 221.5

Current Affairs' Marxist Critique Of Toddler Show Blippi Isn't Marxist Enough

Book Review: A Clinical Introduction To Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Open Thread 221

Hidden Open Thread 220.5

Initial Conditions

Contra Hoffman On Vitamin D Dosing

Highlights From The Comments On "Sadly, Porn"

Mantic Monday 4/18/22

Open Thread 220

Irvine Meetup This Monday

Hidden Open Thread 219.5

Links For April

Biography of Jason Shea, 44th US President

Obscure Pregnancy Interventions: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Deceptively Aligned Mesa-Optimizers: It's Not Funny If I Have To Explain It

Open Thread 219

Spring Meetups In Seventy Cities

Peer Review Request: Obscure Pregnancy Interventions

Hidden Open Thread 218.5

Dictator Book Club: Xi Jinping

Highlights From The Comments On Self-Determination

Yudkowsky Contra Christiano On AI Takeoff Speeds

Open Thread 218

The Low-Hanging Fruit Argument: Models And Predictions

Hidden Open Thread 217.5

Idol Words

Who Gets Self-Determination?

Information Markets, Decision Markets, Attention Markets, Action Markets

Open Thread 217

Hidden Open Thread 216.5

Highlights From The Comments On Justice Creep

Men Will Literally Have Completely Different Mental Processes Instead Of Going To Therapy

Contra Hoel On Aristocratic Tutoring

Mantic Monday 3/21/22

Open Thread 216

Hidden Open Thread 215.5

The Onion Knight

Highlights From The Comments On Zulresso

Justice Creep

Mantic Monday 3/14/22

Open Thread 215

Hidden Open Thread 214.5

Progesterone Megadoses Might Be A Cheap Zulresso Substitute

Advice For Unwoke Academic?

Zounds! It's Zulresso and Zuranolone!

Ukraine Thoughts And Links

Open Thread 214

Hidden Open Thread 213.5

What Are We Arguing About When We Argue About Rationality?


Ukraine Warcasting

Open Thread 213

Austin Meetup Correction

Hidden Open Thread 212.5

Biological Anchors: A Trick That Might Or Might Not Work

Links For February

Play Money And Reputation Systems

Open Thread 212

Austin Meetup Next Sunday

Hidden Open Thread 211.5

The Gods Only Have Power Because We Believe In Them

Book Review: Sadly, Porn

Mantic Monday: Ukraine Cube Manifold

Open Thread 211

Highlights From The Comments On Motivated Reasoning And Reinforcement Learning

ACX Grants ++: The Second Half

Hidden Open Thread 210.5

So You Want To Run A Microgrants Program

Heuristics That Almost Always Work

Two Small Corrections And Updates

The Passage Of Polymarket

Open Thread 210

Book Review Contest Rules 2022

Hidden Open Thread 209.5

ACX Grants ++: The First Half

Why Do I Suck?

Motivated Reasoning As Mis-applied Reinforcement Learning

Predictions For 2022

Open Thread 209

Hidden Open Thread 208.5

Classifieds Thread 1/2022

Highlights From The Comments On Health Care Systems

Against That Poverty And Infant EEGs Study

Bounded Distrust

Grading My 2021 Predictions

Open Thread 208

Resubmit And Summarize Your Proposals For Grants ++

Ask Me Anything

Hidden Open Thread 207.5

Book Review: Which Country Has The World's Best Health Care?

Practically-A-Book Review: Yudkowsky Contra Ngo On Agents

Open Thread 207

There's A Time For Everyone

Hidden Open Thread 206.5

Open Thread 206

Highlights From The Comments On "Don't Look Up"

Open Thread 205.5

Name's The Same

Movie Review: Don't Look Up

Lewis Carroll Invented Retroactive Public Goods Funding In 1894

Open Thread 205