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Open Thread 204.5

Links For December

ACX Grants Results

Mantic Monday: Dogs In Wizard Hats

Open Thread 204

Open Thread 203.5

Highlights From The Comments On Diseasonality

Addendum To "No Evidence" Post

Addendum To Luvox Post

The FDA Has Punted Decisions About Luvox Prescription To The Deepest Recesses Of The Human Soul

Mantic Monday: Let Me Google That For You

Open Thread 203

The Phrase "No Evidence" Is A Red Flag For Bad Science Communication

Open Thread 202.5

Ancient Plagues

Open Thread 202

Does Georgism Work, Part 3: Can Unimproved Land Value be Accurately Assessed Separately From Buildings?

Does Georgism Work? Part 2: Can Landlords Pass Land Value Tax on to Tenants?

Does Georgism Work? Part 1: Is Land Really A Big Deal?

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Model City Monday 12/6/21

Open Thread 201

Open Thread 200.5

Book Review: Lifespan

MM: Omicron Variant

Open Thread 200

Links For November

Open Thread 199.5

Pascalian Medicine

Highlights From The Comments On Ivermectin

Highlights From The Comments On The FDA And Paxlovid

When Will The FDA Approve Paxlovid?

Open Thread 199

Continental Drip

Open Thread 198.5

Highlights From The Comments On Great Families

Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Mantic Monday 11/15

Open Thread 198

Open Thread 197.5

Apply For An ACX Grant

Highlights From The Comments On Orban

Secrets Of The Great Families

Model City Monday 11/8/21

Open Thread 197

Open Thread 196.5

Dictator Book Club: Orban

Non-Cognitive Skills For Educational Attainment Suggest Benefits Of Mental Illness Genes

Mantic Monday 11/1/21

Open Thread 196

Jhanas and the Dark Room Problem

Learn British English With ACX

Epistemic Minor Leagues

Open Thread 195 + Cambridge/Edinburgh Meetups This Weekend

Chilling Effects

Open Thread 194 + London/Oxford Meetups This Weekend

Links For October

Highlights From The Comments On Kids And Climate Change

Please Don't Give Up On Having Kids Because Of Climate Change

Learn German With ACX

Open Thread 193 + Berlin/Paris Meetups This Weekend

Classifieds Thread 10/2021

Highlights From The Comments On Modern Architecture

Open Thread 192 + Vienna/Prague Meetups This Weekend

Learn Spanish With ACX

Open Thread 191.5

Book Review: The Scout Mindset

Open Thread 191 + Madrid/Zurich Meetups This Weekend

Whither Tartaria?

Learn Portuguese With ACX

Links For September

Open Thread 190

Lisbon Meetup This Saturday

Book Review: The Revolt Of The Public

Open Thread 189.5

Book Review: Modi - A Political Biography

Open Thread 189

Washington DC Meetup This Saturday

Open Thread 188.5

The Unbearable Semiheaviness Of Being

Too Good To Check: A Play In Three Acts

New York Meetup This Monday

Open Thread 188

Boston Meetup This Sunday

Long COVID: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Open Thread 187.5

Peer Review: Long COVID: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

On Hreha On Behavioral Economics

Open Thread 187

Berkeley Meetup This Saturday

Highlights From The Comments On Missing School

If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Governor Of California?

Carbon Costs Quantified

Meetups Everywhere 2021: Times And Places

Open Thread 186

Highlights From The Comments On Aducanumab

Peer Review Request: Carbon Costs Quantified

Open Thread 185.5

Links For August

Kids Can Recover From Missing Even Quite A Lot Of School

Open Thread 185

Blindness, Schizophrenia, and Autism

Contra Hanania On Partisanship

Open Thread 184.5

Classifieds Thread 8/2021

(Outdoor, Careful) Meetups Everywhere 2021 - Seeking Organizers

Eight Hundred Slightly Poisoned Word Games

Open Thread 184

Contra Drum On The Fish Oil Story

Open Thread 183.5

Details Of The Infant Fish Oil Story

Highlights From The Comments On Acemoglu And AI

Adumbrations Of Aducanumab

Model City Monday 8/2/21

Open Thread 183

Updated Look At Long-Term AI Risks

When Does Worrying About Things Trade Off Against Worrying About Other Things?

Contra Acemoglu On...Oh God, We're Doing This Again, Aren't We?

Mantic Monday 7/26

Open Thread 182

Links For July

Open Thread 181.5

Things I Learned Writing The Lockdown Post

Highlights From The Comments On "Crazy Like Us"

Peer Review Request: Ketamine

Open Thread 181

Please Take The Reader Survey [Update: Now It Is Closed And You Can Stop Taking It]

Open Thread 180.5

Book Review: Crazy Like Us

Reader Survey Final Check-In

Use Prediction Markets To Fund Investigative Reporting

Open Thread 180

Book Review Contest: Winners

Open Thread 179.5

Is This Predictive Coding?

Lockdown Effectiveness: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Model City Monday

Open Thread 179

Open Thread 178.5

Highlights From The Comments On "How Asia Works"

Welcome Polygenically Screened Babies

Book Review: How Asia Works

Open Thread 178

Open Thread 177.5

ACX Reader Research Survey: Call For Submissions

Perpendicular Lives

Links For June

Mantic Monday 6/21/21

Open Thread 177

Vote In The Book Review Contest!

Your Book Review: Plagues And Peoples

Peer Review: Lockdown Effectiveness

Open Thread 176.5

On Cerebralab On Nutt/Carhart-Harris On Serotonin

Contra Smith On Jewish Selective Immigration

Open Thread 176

Your Book Review: How Children Fail

Open Thread 175.5

Your Book Review: Down And Out In Paris And London

Drug Users Use A Lot Of Drugs

I Will Not Eat The Bugs

Instead Of Pledging To Change The World, Pledge To Change Prediction Markets

Open Thread 175

Your Book Review: Where's My Flying Car?

Your Book Review: The Collapse Of Complex Societies

Open Thread 174.5

You Have A Terrible Track Record In Guessing My Motives

Moral Costs Of Chicken Vs. Beef

What Do Treatments For Accelerated Aging Tell Us About Normal Aging?

Comments / Register Of Bans

Open Thread 174

Your Book Review: Humankind

COVID Suicides: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Open Thread 173.5

Reflections On Greed Being Made Of Smaller Parts

Peer Review Request: Depression

Book Review: Arabian Nights

Open Thread 173

Your Book Review: The Accidental Superpower

Links For May

Hidden Open Thread 172.5

The Coldness Of Karen

Highlights From The Comments On Culture Wars

Open Thread 172

Your Book Review: Addiction By Design

Hidden Open Thread 171.5

Highlights From The Comments On CBT-i Apps

Welcome To The Terrible World Of Prescription-Only Apps

Theses On The Current Moment

The Rise And Fall Of Online Culture Wars

Open Thread 171

My Favorite ICD-10 Codes

Your Book Review: The Years Of Lyndon Johnson

Hidden Open Thread 170.5

Your Book Review: Through The Eye Of A Needle

Why Is It Hard To Acknowledge Preferences?

Book Review: A Brief History Of Neoliberalism

If You Can Be Bad, You Can Also Be Good

Open Thread 170

Your Book Review: The Wizard And The Prophet

Hidden Open Thread 169.5

Your Book Review: Double Fold

Nootropics Survey 2020 Results

Verses Written On The Occasion Of Getting The COVID Vaccine

Mantic Monday: Predictions For 2021

Open Thread 169

Your Book Review: Why Buddhism Is True

Your Book Review: Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are?

Hidden Open Thread 168.5

Book Review: Global Economic History

No, Really, Why Are So Many Christians In Colombia Converting To Orthodox Judaism?

Mantic Monday: Grading My Trump Predictions

Open Thread 168

Georgist Cartoons Of The Late 19th/Early 20th Century

Hidden Open Thread 167.5

Your Book Review: Progress And Poverty

Prospectus On Próspera

[LINK] Unifying Predictive Coding With Backpropagation

Links For April

From The Rejects Pile: Catch-22

Open Thread 167

Your Book Review: On The Natural Faculties

Your Book Review: Order Without Law

Hidden Open Thread 166.5

Metis And Bodybuilders

Two Unexpected Multiple Hypothesis Testing Problems

2020 Predictions: Calibration Results

Open Thread 166

Ambidexterity And Cognitive Closure

Hidden Open Thread 165.5

Oh, The Places You'll Go When Trying To Figure Out The Right Dose Of Escitalopram

Open Thread 165

Ask Me Anything

Hidden Open Thread 164.5

Toward A Bayesian Theory Of Willpower

More Antifragile, Diversity Libertarianism, And Corporate Censorship

Book Review: Antifragile

Adding My Data Point To The Discussion Of Substack Advances

Open Thread 164

Hidden Open Thread 163.5

Book Review: The New Sultan

Sleep Is The Mate Of Death

Mantic Monday: Mantic Matt Y

Open Thread 163

Richard Nixon Vs. Cool

Hidden Open Thread 162.5

Trapped Priors As A Basic Problem Of Rationality

The Consequences Of Radical Reform

Open Thread 162

They're Made Out Of Meta

Highlights From The Comments On Class

Hidden Open Thread 161.5

Highlights From The Comments On March Links

Links For March

Shilling For Big Mitochondria

Mantic Monday: Scoring Rule Controversy

Open Thread 161

Bay Area Plant-Based Meat Reviews

A Modest Proposal For Republicans: Use The Word "Class"

Hidden Open Thread 160.5

Book Review: Fussell On Class

Mantic Monday: Judging April COVID Predictions

A Look Down Track B

Open Thread 160

Movie Review: Gabriel Over The White House

Ezra Klein On Vetocracy

Highlights From The Comments On Cult Of Smart

Book Review: The Cult Of Smart

COVID/Vitamin D: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Coronavirus: Links, Discussion, Open Thread

Statement on New York Times Article

The Precision Of Sensory Evidence

List Of Fictional Cryptocurrencies Banned By The SEC

Ontology Of Psychiatric Conditions: Tradeoffs And Failures

Hidden Open Thread 159.5

Book Review: Why We're Polarized

Metaculus Monday 2/8/21

Open Thread 159

Journalism and Legible Expertise

WebMD, And The Tragedy Of Legible Expertise

Hidden Open Thread 158.5

Book Review Contest Final Rules

Ontology Of Psychiatric Conditions: Dynamical Systems

Riddle Of The Sphinx II: Sustained Release Riddlin'

Metaculus Monday

Open Thread 158

Technocracy-Zilla: Origins

Weyl Contra Me On Technocracy

Contra Weyl On Technocracy

Ontology Of Psychiatric Conditions: Taxometrics

Hidden Open Thread 157.5

Know Your Amphetamines

Open Thread 157


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