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EDIT: Meetup details for Bloomington, IN Meetup in Third Street Park on Sunday April 30th at 3pm in thread below!

I notice there is one in Indianapolis but nothing in Bloomington, IN. Would anyone be interested in a Bloomington meeting? If so I'd be happy to do the organization.

If there is probably a better place to ask this let me know.

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Wow! So excited to see Fort Lauderdale, where I live on the list. So cool! Saving to my calendar. Thanks for making this awesome community. 🙏

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Another one here, apologies I didn't fill out the form in time!


Contact: Hamish

Contact Info: hamish.todd1[at]gmail[dot]com

Time: Saturday, May 20th, 02:00 PM

Location: Upstairs at The Bath House pub! Where it also is on the third saturday of every month :) Email me if you'd like to be notified of further events. I usually have copies of Robin Hanson and Peter Singer books on the table.

Event Link: https://www.lesswrong.com/events/EaLB8WwzPpABp2nbg/cambridge-acx-ssc-monthly-meetup

Coordinates: https://plus.codes/6439+J9

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I’m not seeing any in Arizona, so if one does happen I’d love to know!

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Anyone interested in doing a Kazakhstan (Almaty) meetup ? I'd be pretty wild if we managed to get 3 people.

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Is SF getting looped into the Berkeley meetups as well? I noticed Oakland got a redirect but SF itself is notably absent.

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Woops, forgot to fill out the form in time!

I'm the regular host of the Canberra meetups. Details:

Canberra, Australia

Contact: Andy

Contact info: Andy.bachler[at]gmail[dot]com

Time: Monday 8th May, 6pm

Location: King O'Malleys Pub, the Snug Room, located in Civic.

Coordinates: P4CJ+MC Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Event link: https://www.meetup.com/canberra-astral-codex-ten-meetup-group/events/292816447/?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=announceModal_savedevents_share_modal&utm_source=link

Notes: Please feel free to e-mail me if you'd like more info!

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We are also having a meeting in Halifax, Canada! Details:

Halifax, NS, Canada

Contact: usernameneeded@gmail.com

Time: April 22, 1 PM

Location: Coburg Social. We will be sitting at the table with the blue pyramid.

Event Link: https://www.lesswrong.com/events/h2kcn3tagtdBQnDRN/halifax-nova-scotia-canada-acx-spring-meetups-everywhere

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Well, somehow I've missed the call for meetups. Better late then never!

Tel Aviv, Israel

Contact: Inbar

Contact Info: inbar192[at]gmail.com

Time: Thursday, May 4th, 07:00 PM.

Location: Sarona Market, grass next to Max Brenner

Coordinates: https://plus.codes/8G4P3QCP+MP7

Event link: https://fb.me/e/MPhkE3n4

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Huh there is one in Bremen, that is wild, never would have expected one to be so remote from civilisation and close to where I live. Maybe I will visit for the first time.

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Melbourne on 27/27 May?

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Long shot but...anyone interested in meeting in Shenzhen/HongKong? Please PM me!

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Are there any ACX readers in Ghana who want to meet up? (I'll be travelling there in May)

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Could you add a link to the Las Vegas discord: https://discord.gg/9rgzTgeHC8

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Contact: Marta

Contact info: marta[dot]krzeminska[at]gmail[dot]com

Time: Sunday, May 7, 02-05 pm

Location: Champs Sziget, Budapest, Gasztro Sétány 1, 1138 Hungary

Coordinates: https://plus.codes/8FVXG29W+XM

We'll have a sign.

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Hey, is there an ACX meetup event cover photo I can use for my facebook event. I'm not great at graphic design and don't have meetup photos since I'm trying to host one for the first time so any help is appreciated.

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Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, is in Spain, not Italy (?!)

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If anyone's interested in a meetup in Grinnell, IA:

Contact: Victor

Info: 42destroyer@gmail.com

Time: Saturday, April 29th, 12:00 pm

Location: Saint's Rest Coffee Shop

Coordinates: https://plus.codes/86H9P7VG+G6

Notes: I'll probably just be there reading something, the area isn't dense enough that I'd expect anyone to come, but I'd love to talk if someone does. I'm college age, have longish brown hair, and usually hang out on one of the two couches.

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VENUE CHANGE: Norfolk Virginia, US: today's ACX Meetup will take place at Fair Grounds starting at 10:30am instead of the Pagoda due to inclement weather. Address: 806 Baldwin Ave # 2, Norfolk, VA 23517

I will get there early to secure the round table. I have sent out updates regarding the venue change to the LessWrong event post (https://www.lesswrong.com/events/zibNpHhAmATvZBj6P/norfolk-virginia-usa-acx-meetups-everywhere-spring-2023), our Discord, and via email.

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Hey Scott. The link to the event for the Portland group should actually be this one:


The current link leads to the event a year ago. Everything else looks fine.

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