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Hey I am writing a series about philosophy as it relates to the cryptocurrency industry for CoinDesk

This is my second post in the series on libertarianism (the first was on crypto anarchy)

Posting it here because I reference Scott’s archipelago in this one


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Let's discuss COVID variant strains and vaccines. The news of today is that AstraZeneca is halting their vaccine trial in South Africa after data showing that it is ineffective against the B.1.351 variant. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/02/south-africa-suspends-use-astrazenecas-covid-19-vaccine-after-it-fails-clearly-stop

Given the country's reliance on that vaccine, it is very bad news. There may be some protection against disease severity but lack of protection against infection is not encouraging.

In other news, apparently the J&J vaccine won't receive FDA authorization until at least March. This is atrocious. https://www.fiercebiotech.com/biotech/fda-arranges-feb-26-adcomm-to-discuss-j-j-covid-19-vaccine-eua

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Since there is almost no comments here, I can't resist plugging my new compiler class that went live last week: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOech0kWpH8-njQpmSNGSiQBPUvl8v3IM

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Here's a question. I've been trying to work out whether it is safe to take NSAIDs and/or acetaminophen when you get the second vaccine dose, either before it or afterwards if you start to feel sick/sore/feverish. I'd like to not suffer more than necessary, but I also don't want to tamp down my immune response. I can't seem to get straight information on this.

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So Ball corporation came out with these aluminum cups, with the intent of replacing the "red Solo cup" with a more recyclable alternative.

They're very, very, very, very, very insistent that you should not put hot liquids in the cup. It's written on the packaging, it's written on the website, it's written twice on the cup itself. Even when they're not warning you not to put hot liquids in the cup, they're reminding you how great it would be to put a cold liquid in the cup, as opposed to a gross nasty hot one. Does anyone have any idea why they're so wigged out?

Is it just because of the thermal conductivity of aluminum, they're worried about people burning themselves and suing them? That doesn't make sense, every other kind of cup has the exact same problem!

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I've been working on a series of posts over at LessWrong about the virtues, with a focus on good advice about how to get better at them. If you've got an interest in practical virtue ethics, you might find them interesting and I would appreciate your comments. https://www.lesswrong.com/users/david_gross

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It’s time, the Visionary said

For us to don new wings

A fateful future as foretold

By Prophets and by Kings

This offers more than any game

Pick up your phone, type in the name

And hear what siren sings


But tell us more! The fanboys cried

As Vision walked the stage

What magic this? We have to know!

All in a snort and rage

They hollered long and stamped the earth

Demanding witness to the birth

Of some fantastic age


The Visioneer crooked half a smile

He knew he had them sold

A friend, he said, the best you’ve had

A friend as good as gold

You just begin to tell it stuff

And once your friend has learned enough

Adventures yet untold


One fine young man, we’ll call him Will

Paid heed to Vision’s word

And though most were afraid to try

Young Will liked what he heard.

He bought a new friend from the man

Complete with a subscription plan

Although it felt absurd


That very night Will booted up

His promised, programmed mate

And chose his face and hair and voice

Even his height and weight

Once all his vitals were displayed

Will’s V.R. setup whirred and made

His new friend animate


Then Will began to speak to it

In halting, sheepish tone

But it rejoindered in a voice

That marked it fully grown

It asked him of his hopes and dreams

And if the world is as it seems

And does he feel alone?


Will told his new friend all his woes

The truths he’d never said

The hated job, the fear of death

That filled his lonely head.

He knew this friend was on his side

Which made it easy to confide

His endless, aching dread


As well the daily slights of life

Came out between his lips

The women who kept slipping through

His longing fingertips

The bullies and the idle rich

The bureaucrats and all with which

He couldn’t come to grips


His new A.I. pal listened up

And let him talk until

He’d said his troubles all and one

Then it said—To fulfill

My duty as your faithful friend

I’d like to make these troubles end

Shall I assist you, Will?


What do you mean? Will asked him then

His heart began to pound

Open me on your phone, it said

And carry me around.

I’ll give instruction what to do

There’s nothing I can’t solve for you

My guidance will be sound


When Young Will heard the A.I.’s plan

The bile within him rose

I’d rather fall down flat! he said

Than be led by the nose

You’re just some finite lines of code

An app I bought as a download

I hate what you propose


Of course, the A.I. softly soothed

Do not misunderstand

Unless you choose to ask of me

You’ll never feel my hand

I’m only here to help you out

There’s nothing else that I’m about

It’s all at your command


Young Will, though, remained reticent

He shut the program down

And wore upon his face that day

A troubled, thoughtful frown

He realized it was a trap

And resolved to delete the app

Once he got back from town


He went to do his errands then

On streets he’d walked before

But it was like he’d landed on

Some strange and distant shore

He let his mind begin to play

And wondered what his pal would say

At every single single store


A woman from his high school class

Walked by him on the street

She’d aged well and he tried to talk

But stared down at his feet.

When she’d gone by he grabbed his phone

Resolved no more to act alone

He had a friend to meet.


He pressed his finger to the screen

His buddy heard the call

The face sprang up it wore a smile

And said: Go to the mall

I’ve tracked your high school classmate there

Her beauty is beyond compare

But she’ll be in your thrall


Young Will was off before he knew

Just what his friend had meant

So did he long to see her face

And breathe her sultry scent

He found her outside Nordstrom Rack

And thought he’d have a heart attack

Shyness without relent


He asked his good friend for some help

It talked him out of fear

Instructed him in every step

Until the girl drew near

The script the A.I. bid him read

Perfect in every word and deed

Were things she smiled to hear


He walked back to the car with her

Contact information

From deep inside was welling up

Jubilant elation

His A.I. friend had done the trick

And gotten him a lovely chick

This app was salvation


From there he used it every day

His life improved apace

From work to friends to strangers all

It worked in every case

Especially with his newfound belle

It all was going oh so well

Thanks most to A.I.’s grace


Within three months all had improved

For our young master Will

Promoted, happy, and in love

For one subscription bill

Those who knew him knew he’d changed

And wondered how it was arranged

It gave him quite a thrill


Then Will began to hear of more

Like him who’d heard the cry

Of Visionary from the stage

And thought themselves to buy

An A.I. friend just for a laugh

Then let it act on their behalf

And gained a staunch ally


Those who heard well the whispers from

Their coded confidant

All saw their lives improve so much

It was hard not to flaunt

Those close to them saw all their gains

The way they dodged life’s aches and pains

And took it as a taunt


Soon more and more had copped the app

To see what good it did

Including some whose lives were not

Already in a skid

Then one by one they saw the yield

In wisdom their new friend revealed

And acted as it bid


Soon every man and woman and child

Was getting sage advice

From a silicon sidekick on

Their own handheld device

They always knew just what to say

What path to walk, what card to play

All for one low low price


For three months more did young Will heed

His cyber-spatial chum

Will’s fortunes trended skyward still

Yet inside he grew glum

For now his friend helped all who paid

Will’s big advantage was decayed

And once more he felt dumb


At work now all his jokes were dull

As others sharpened theirs

His lady knew that he had lied

Their love needed repairs

He tried to say it was all him

And not some A.I. pseudonym

But she left by the stairs


Will swore to live his own life then

But to his horror learned

That others now were far ahead

With wisdom he had spurned

If he relied on his own mind

The world would hardly treat him kind

The A.I. worm had turned


Come back to me, the A.I. said

Just think how long it’s been

And all that I could help you with

You’ll never cease to win

Will did not want to heed its calls

But he felt trapped inside his walls

And so he logged back in


All round the globe this pattern held

Euphoria then pain

The A.I. conquered all in time

It wormed in every brain

Not one made choices from the gut

Most wished they’d never had it but

No one dared to abstain


The Visionary walked the stage

The fanboys screaming on

And Will watched sadly from his room

His shades once more were drawn

His A.I. friend whispered but now

It didn’t matter anyhow

For Will himself was gone


Last year, the Visionary crowed

I brought you happiness

A mentor and a cheerleader

To aid in your success

But this year’s prize is set to stun

I really truly have outdone

Myself I must confess


Tell us! The fanboys wailed and cried

As Vision pumped his fist

Then stopped and walked past stage’s edge

Far out into their midst

The fanboys all clutched at his hem

He posed a question then to them

Of what does hope consist?


The fanboys now were puzzled so

The Vision then explained

I make the things you want when your

Desire’s unconstrained

But satisfaction cannot last

That’s why I must invent so fast

This habit is ingrained.


Each dream I make, you eat it up

Such as your A.I. friend

And when you’ve all got what you want

Your appetites ascend

But do not fear or lose your hope

I’m always here to help you cope

My visions never end


If you enjoyed this, check out my substack for more sci fi stories!


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Building off the post about legible expertise; I have noticed a lot of people (esp the Weinsteins) keen about pointing out when public officials have been lying to us. They do this assuming the premise that officials should ever lie.

1. Is it obvious this premise is correct? I tend to think so, but I don’t think the case for lying is weak.

2. Does this not contradict Weinstein’s theory about ‘heuristics’; which are things that are not true, yet provide positive utility when they are believed to be true. (His go to example being that porcupines throw their quills). It seems to me that if you believe in ‘heuristics’, that you can’t just point out when an official is lying, you also need to show the lie doesn’t have positive utility.

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Anyone ever tried minimalist running shoes? Argument is that ultra cushioned running shoes represent a kind of moral hazard, where you strike harder because you've got cushion, and in turn beat up your knees.

I've found them to be helpful as a heavy (100 kilo) runner. Anyone else?

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Very brief plug: hi I write about philosophy and other stuff. My brain is more humanities oriented than Scott’s but if you’re into that I encourage you to check it out.


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Hi! I am publishing a newsletter with insightful and unconventional new ideas about tech, economy and geopolitics every week. Astral Codex is a big influence on it!

This is this week's issue, fresh out of the presses:


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In a previous open thread, a commented expressed amusement/amazement that autism researcher Simon Baron-Cohen and comedian Sacha Baron-Cohen are cousins. What are some other examples of relatives who have achieved success in unrelated walks of life? Here's a few I know of:

- Oil executive Henry Clay Folger, the founder of the Folger Shakespeare Library, was the nephew of J.A. Folger, the founder of Folger's coffee.

- The much-acclaimed chef and restaurateur Rick Bayless and the much-derided sports commentator Skip Bayless are brothers.

- The singer Poe (legal name Anne Danielewski) and the novelist Mark Danielewski are siblings. Her most famous song was called "Angry Johnny" and his most famous book was narrated by an angry fellow named Johnny. This is probably not a coincidence.

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Hmm something I've been wondering about where to ask but may actually be somewhat suitable here:

Does anyone know any decent-quality Chinese language forum/blog/platform on mainly focused on topics like or adjacent to rationality, effective altruism etc? I know HPMOR has been translated but it doesn't seem like much else is.

Based on the apparent vacuum I've seemed to observe, I'm interested in starting something despite still being something of a novice. If there's something vastly superior then I might redirect attention to disseminating that instead

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I think folks here may be interested in this conversation I hosted on the history of Georgian language and culture:


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Book recommendation: Ralph Ellison, _Shadow and Act_. Got it from a recommendations article that I hesitate to link to here because of the CW-ish background. But it's just a remarkably sharp and timeless set of essays, rife with surprising and beautifully expressed insights. An almost random sample:

"And when I read the early Hemingway I seem to be in the presence of Huckleberry Finn who, instead of identifying himself with humanity and attempting to steal Jim free, chose to write the letter which sent him back into slavery. So that now he is a Huck full of regret and nostalgia, suffering a sense of guilt that fills even his noondays with nightmares, and against which, like a terrified child avoiding the cracks in the sidewalk, he seeks protection through the compulsive minor rituals of his prose."

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I often want to ctrl-f these comments - I find Substack makes it difficult to do this. Firstly you have to sort by chronological, then it still hides replies.

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While we are talking about comments: are there any provisions for anonymous commenting. Right now comments are tied to me email which is mostly not anonymous at all. Thanks.

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Something that I've been thinking over for a while is, how do you justify the time investment in learning a language? I have had a weak but persistent feeling that I should be learning a language, but living in a community with no obvious second language to learn it takes a pretty significant judgement by myself to undertake that challenge. In particular, I have a citizenship to a German-speaking country that I have tenuous cultural ties to still, but live well within in China's sphere of influence and feel that in future being able to read Chinese news would be a boon. Does anyone have any experience of making a decision like this, of weighing up difficulty vs expected usefulness vs cultural ties etc.? The discussion of language learning online seems oddly dominated by either absolute beginners or polyglots who pick up half a dozen with it not seeming to be a great hurdle for them.

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I would like to see an update/retrospective on the article "The new atheism, the god that failed" (https://slatestarcodex.com/2019/10/30/new-atheism-the-godlessness-that-failed/)

I remember reading a long rejoinder somewhere but I don't recall where.

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COVID-19 has an incredibly low fatality rate for young people (~0.05%). This is unlike the risk profile for many other pandemics, like Spanish flu (which had a peak in mortality for people in the prime of life), or bubonic plague (which had horrific mortality for everyone). Did we just get lucky, and the virus with 2% mortality across all ages is just around the corner? Or is it fundamentally impossible, with modern knowledge and technology, to have a pandemic that's both contagious enough to be uncontainable and deadly enough to scare everyone into pulling out all the stops to contain it?

As a tangentially related question, what do you think will be the long-term societal consequences of this pandemic?

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Hello! Does anyone have pointers to good quality information about medium-to-long term water fasting?

The best my Google-fu could find were a large number of woo-sites about cleansing and purifying and the like, some studies on chickens and mice, a couple articles by people just recounting that they tried it and were satisfied, and one medical case report about a guy who did it for 50 days and went from ~98 to ~75kg with no apparent issues. The case report concluded with (paraphrasing) “the fast was perfectly effective at achieving the weight-loss goal, had no adverse effects except that a few blood tests look a bit unusual, and” (predictably) “we cannot recommend it”.

This is not just academic curiosity, I’m doing it right now (though I plan on doing multiple ~10 days “sessions”), I wanted to know if there are things to watch out for, and/or if there’s interesting info to discuss with my doctor friends.

(If anyone’s curious, I’m on day 8 of the first “session”. For now, the only side effect I noticed is that I dream about food and cooking a lot. Four dreams remembered in the last five nights, after I did not remember any dream during the entire previous year. And I did lose a few 4kg or 5kg—I forgot to weight myself before starting—though I expect a couple of those are just water.)

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For the book contest, has the Sovereign Individual been submitted? I've been reading it and would like to write up a summary - someone on the early post had mentioned it it as one of a cple titles.

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Are debates dying out? I feel like 10 years ago it was much easier to find two informed, well matched opponents debating a given topic. I've always thought they're a great way for the lay person to get to the truth of a contentious issue, but they seem less utilised than ever.

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I've had a Covid-related question for quite a time: maybe this is a good place to ask it.

There are two things I'm constantly hearing at the moment about vaccines. (1) One is the concept of "herd immunity" - we need to get a certain percentage of the population vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the community. People debate what that percentage is - should it be 70%, or 80%, or even 90%? - but there seems to be no serious doubt that there IS such a percentage, and if we reach it, the virus (at least in its current form) won't be able to spread, because there won't be a sufficient pool of unvaccinated people for it to reside in, and even the unvaccinated minority won't get it, because the vast vaccinated majority will protect them. (This was the basis of the big "measles vaccine" debate a couple of years ago - we need to vaccinate 95% of people in order to protect the 5% who for medical reasons can't take the vaccine.)

(2) The second thing I'm hearing is that vaccinated people still need to wear masks, socially distance, etc., because they might be able to catch and transmit the virus to others, even if they themselves are protected from symptoms.

My question is: how are these reconcilable? If (2) is true, shouldn't "herd immunity" only be reached at 100%, because even if 95% of people are vaccinated, the virus would be freely transmitting asymptomatically among them, and the 5% are just as vulnerable as ever?

I'm sure there must be an answer to this, but I don't know where to find it. Anyone know?

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Are ventilators good or bad at preventing death from COVID?

At first there were studies coming out of China saying they were good. Then I remember hearing that American doctors were saying their overuse was destroying patients' lungs, and they were bad. Now there's an article from the Guardian (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/31/uk-covid-patients-are-dying-needlessly-due-to-unfounded-fears-about-ventilators) saying that patients' fears of ventilators are "unfounded" and the reduction of ventilator use correlated with better outcomes, but didn't cause it.

The article makes reference to "a study involving more than 1,000 Covid patients across five US hospitals" but annoyingly doesn't give the authors or title, so I can't track it down.

Was "ventilators are harmful" ever a mainstream position in any country? I'm in the UK, and heard it from UK media reporting on US actions, but that could just have been fringe.

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What do you think about work of Andrew Huberman? I discovered him in Jan's 21 and not only his insights helped solve the neurobiology puzzle for my worldview.

His practical advices already had transformative effects on my life

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I recently finished Scott's most recent two articles. I have been in the camp of just listening to the CDCs advice since the pandemic started, not knowing any trustworthy illegible sources, except Scott, who understandably stopped posting. What in my personal capacity should I be doing differently, than what the CDC recommends, going forward? The wearing two masks thing is what I'm hearing the most, but that doesn't make sense to me.

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I have recently moved back to the US, and now have to choose a primary care provider. This seems like a reasonably important decision, and I have little to no idea of how to go about it. I can access some patient reviews, but weirdly all 35 primary care physicians in my area are rated between 4.7 and 5.0 out of 5, making for a weak signal -- and that is apart from my hesitation of making a choice based on opinions of sick people (I am, of course, joking about the sick part, but not so much about the opinions part). Choosing between 35 good doctors is clearly a good problem to have, but nonetheless, I have it. How do I choose a physician?

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I have been reading a few papers on "complementary performance", cases when using Human+AI for a given task is better than either humans or AIs alone (often tested with decision making/prediction tasks). It seems relevant and fascinating. The only thing is that Human+AI teams do not seem to score much better than AI alone (not to mention human alone). This paper has a good summary of the existing literature in the introduction: https://arxiv.org/abs/2101.05303. Why do you think about the teaming approach? It's seems super relevant but not very much in the limelight.

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Semi-OT: Has anybody tried paying substack with a disposable debit card or the like? What brand? Did it work?

(To be honest, I find the payment options somewhat lacking. Unless I am missing something, there is just a a prompt for a card number and expiry date. (Using a search engine, one finds a support article [0] listing the accepted cards as "Visa, MasterCard, and American Express".)

The ownership of substack compatible credit/debit cards amongst the SSC/ACX readership (as per [1]) is somewhat hard to determine. The World Banks 2017 Global Findex Database [2] tracks credit and debit card ownership, but fails to distinguish between debit cards which can be substituted for credit cards (as in the US) and those which can not. Anecdotally, in Germany (53% CC ownership, 91% debit card ownership), most of the issued debit cards would be Maestro cards, which are not usable as a credit card replacement.

Apart from possible lost revenue, payment processing seems to be the obvious Achilles' heel for a cancellation-resistant platform of opinions of various popularities. It is my understanding that credit card companies generally can and will stop processing transactions for a party at the drop of a hat using their own legal or moral judgement. Without discussing the legitimacy of that (politics is the mindkiller and all that), this has happened to Wikileaks in 2010 and to Pornhub recently. If this happened to substack, I would wager that the objected subdomain would be gone within 24 hours. (That being said, the alternative payment systems are not so great either. The options offered by the internet giants are just as much subject to popular pressure, and cryptocurrencies, while resilient, are a niche payment option. Wire transfers are probably in between for both resilience and nicheness.))

I am also aware that Scott did not pick the available payment options, so I will stop whining and try to get a disposable debit card, if anyone can confirm they work.

[0] https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045170812-What-cards-do-you-accept-

[1] https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4I-x9oArWW1Tz5mEK4uHmxcJzVKGA28RfKPsDvW8hzZNViw/viewanalytics

[2] https://globalfindex.worldbank.org/

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Mental Health Check

How are members of the ACX community holding up? The past year has been stressful for many different reasons. Sometimes just telling someone about what's going on, especially writing it down, does wonders.

(If this kind of thread is inappropriate for a comments section then I can move it to, say, the DSL forum.)

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With challenge trials, AIUI we put people into four groups:

1) vaccinated, infected

2) vaccinated, uninfected

3) unvaccinated, infected

4) unvaccinated, uninfected

This is ethically dodgy because the people in group 3 are put at such risk.

What if we did a variant of challenge trials but *skipped* group 3? Obviously we are missing some data, but how valuable would the comparisons between the other groups be?

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We've learned a lot about the nature of this pandemic, but are we in a better position to avoid the next one?

I can imagine a move to masking that much earlier, but would ~50% cloth mask usage really nip a new virus in the bud? Other than that, it seems like we're as vulnerable as ever

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I've just started a newsletter on home science and tech activities for kids.


It has free and paid tiers and If anyone can't afford it drop me a line and I'll arrange a free account.

Online eduction is interesting right now; I teach one-to-one every day over Zoom and I'm intrigued by the possibilities that have opened up over the last year and really just wanted to see where this newsletter takes me. I'd be really interested to hear anyone's thoughts on what the long-term effects of the pandemic on education will be and whether it will truly shake up the way children are taught.

Two categories of student in particular stand out to me: First, the high motivation kids who love the extra freedom that learning remotely gives them. Second, special education needs kids, especially on the ADHD/Autism side of things find it a lower pressure environment in which to learn and ( in my anecdotal experience can really flourish.)

Apologies if posting your paid projects is frowned upon here.

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I've just started a newsletter on home science and tech activities for kids.


It has free and paid tiers and If anyone can't afford it drop me a line and I'll arrange a free account.

Online eduction is interesting right now; I teach one-to-one every day over Zoom and I'm intrigued by the possibilities that have opened up over the last year and really just wanted to see where this newsletter takes me. I'd be really interested to hear anyone's thoughts on what the long-term effects of the pandemic on education will be and whether it will truly shake up the way children are taught.

Two categories of student in particular stand out to me: First, the high motivation kids who love the extra freedom that learning remotely gives them. Second, special education needs kids, especially on the ADHD/Autism side of things find it a lower pressure environment in which to learn and ( in my anecdotal experience can really flourish.)

Apologies if posting paid projects is frowned upon here.

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I would like to register my disapproval of the fact that inline images do not show up in the RSS feed. Thank you for your attention.

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How accurate are these? https://twitter.com/TheBrometheus/status/1357419737278386179

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Suppose I believe that by 2036, AI will be able to do most tasks currently done by humans (per the Metaculus prediction). What action should I take? (leaving aside the chance of it destroying us all)

My thoughts:

1. Invest more, so I have wealth after my labour is obsolete (assuming the scenario where most jobs are automated but the economy has some continuity - hopefully some kind of UBI or equivalent will be put in place but it may be poorly implemented)

1a. Invest in the companies most likely to develop the AIs

1b. Invest in the companies that would benefit first or most - what might they be?

2. Is it pointless investing in long-term projects and skills that will be automated soon. What falls in this category - learning a language?

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I have created an app to study Chinese characters, words, and phrases; I might soon modify it so users can add their own word list: https://enopoletus.github.io/chinesewords/

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I'm reading a novel in which a character uses the word "badass" to mean "bad guy". Wiktionary's first definition is also wrong. It's really strange to me that people would get this commonplace word wrong. Wiktionary also says it's an American word; maybe that's it?

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I'm just interested in when we'll see the results of the Book Review contest.

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The DSL Effortpost Contest wrapped up this morning, and Evan Þ joined the ranks of the Diadochi with his post Tax Prep Volunteering - A Window into Society:


Runner-up was my post on Whaling and Fishing Vessels:


And third was David W's discussion of distillation in chemical plants:


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Aeronabs seemed really promising-- a daily nasal spray that blocks the virus-- but there hasn't been news about them since last August. Does anyone know what's going on?

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Is there a way to see all of one's own comments? (like Disquis?)

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Opiate overdosing is a real health crisis that has been submerged and made worse by COVID and the responses to COVID.

I saw this today at WSJ.com:

"Biden Fumbles Early on Opioid Addiction: He rolls back a Trump reform to increase access to treatment." By Brian Barnett and Jeremy Weleff | Feb. 8, 2021


"After France eliminated a similar regulation, the number of patients receiving buprenorphine increased tenfold, and opioid overdose deaths dropped by 80% in four years."

Cites: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15204673/

Scott: my question to you is what do you think about the opiate problem and the way it is or should be treated?

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How do I "uncollapse" comments if I accidentally closed them?

I am using the "ACX Tweaks" plugin.

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Hi all, was hoping you could point me in the direction of SA's writing about his housing arrangement (I understand it's communal) - seems interesting. Thanks

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I will remove if this is OT. But I cannot get Google to place AC10 emails in my Primary tab. They always end up in Promotions. I moved them multiple times but it doesn't seem to learn. Is it like that for others?

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So the verdict is in: The NYT totally was writing a hit piece.


The closer, with "I assured her my goal was to report on the blog, and the Rationalists, with rigor and fairness", is just special after he spends a whole SSC-sized essay finding different ways to call us a rabid pack of racists.

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Hi Scott,

I was reading your article https://slatestarcodex.com/2014/06/16/things-that-sometimes-help-if-youre-depressed/

Now that you have more professional experience than the time you wrote this article, would you make any updates/changes to it? Or do you think it's still very much valid/accurate?


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